Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inland Empire Preparations

This week, we made hasty preparations for the upcoming Inland Empire competition this Saturday. We worked on our bumpers, painted them with our team number, 701. We also worked on the four trophies we are going to pass out at competition. Frank finished the Build Season Video.We also finished the Chairman's video. Both videos are on our website. We received a ton of rain this week. The rain flooded our shop that has the CNC, to the sides of the gutter that takes the CNC cooling liquid. This incident cut out a job for the people on the team that are not going to Inland Empire. We had to clean out the cabinets underneath the table by the CNC and drain out all the water. We ended up leaving a couple of materials, such as our flag behind at the shop. Since Frank was still there, he brought the materials down to us.
Working on Freyja.
Drive practice.