Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 Sacramento Regional

No Sleep 'Til Houston!
We are on our way to World Championships!!!

On Thursday, a few members of our team went out to every practice match to practice our auto. Unfortunately it wasn't working, resulting in us having to diagnose and fix the problem. We spent time in the pits to fix the drive train issues with the shifter shaft and an unplugged talon. Members also spent some time pit scouting.

Friday was the first day of qualification matches, and we prepared for our matches, scouting, and speaking to judges. It started off as a promising day, as our first match was a win, but we continued to face problems that appeared in the pit as well as the stands. We kept encountering problems with drive transmission, a match where a battery was a plugged, and an air pressure leak. We also had problems with our scouting system, but provided a quick solution by utilizing our phones and laptops.
We had our 2 Dean's Lists finalists, Ben Aldrich and Spencer Jaseph, conduct their interviews. We also conducted a scavenger hunt for Golden West Middle School students during qualification matches, which proved to be a fun event for the kids and a way to be acquainted with different teams. Overall, Friday was a day full of anticipation, as our team tried our hardest to win each of our matches and await elimination matches the next day.

On Saturday, some members of our team immediately went to the pits to prepare for any possible Judges coming to us to talk. We only had 2 remaining qualification matches before alliance selection would happen. We did really well for our 2 matches, our alliance winning both of them, and were ready for alliance selection once it came around. We were chosen by alliance captain 199, Deep Blue, and 2073, Eagle Robotics, and we happily accepted. We moved on all the way to finals! At awards, we won the Gracious Professionalism Award and received medals for being finalists. Our biggest moment was being chosen as a Wildcard, allowing our team to go to Championships!