Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Transitioning & Summer Events

As the school year starts, our team has begun the transition in welcoming all incoming rookies and taking upon responsibilities with a new leadership team. This year we had an influx of about 20 rookies, meaning that our team has increased to around 50 members with about half of them veterans and the other half rookies. In addition to this large increase in our team, our mentor, Mr. Green, has taken upon another job which leaves him less time to spend with us. As a result, our leadership team has taken upon more responsibilities for this year to ensure that our team remains productive. This challenge does have a possible positive impact, as this makes our team more student-led and strengthens the capabilities of our leadership team. We are all excited for this off season as we have more students to work on our hopes of creating 2 robots for off season competitions, but we must also face the challenge of keeping each member trained and productive. 

Coach: Mr. Green
RPM Executive Board:
President: Mark Crusoe
Vice President: Bernadette Aldrich
Secretary: Adrian Palezi
Financial Secretary: Jenny Rosell
Treasurer: Duane Murphy
Student Leadership
President: Eirene Ednacot
Vice President: Devina Velasquez
Engineering Director: Spencer Jaseph
Secretary: Sarah Bergendahl
Business Director: Alexandria Adams
Outreach Director: Tyus Green
Committee Heads
Design: Niklas Murray & Alvin Vo
Electrical: Devina Velasquez
Mechanical: Robbie Rosell
Programming: Darius Azure
Awards: Eirene Ednacot & Devina Velasquez
Media: Alexandria Adams
Outreach: Tyus Green

We also did a lot of summer events this year, such as Camp Athena, Imagine That, Preparing for China, and of course our Rookie Camp. The demos we hosted at Imagine That and Suisun Library help us show off our team and FIRST to our local community. Camps such as Camp Athena and Migrant Ed allow us to spread these ideals more directly to the youth in our community. Rookie Camp lets all the incoming rookies learn the basics of each committee in our team, so that they can familiarize themselves and decide which committee fits well for them.