Monday, May 12, 2014

We are going to be PACKED for Summer...

The Dixon Mayfair was great. For the most part, we stayed on schedule. We also met John Garamendi, Congressman for Fairfield. We are looking into if he can come over and see our robots. In class today and in the RPM meeting, we discussed our summer. We are going to have 7 outreach events this summer: 2 summer camps, Relay for Life fundraiser, 2 car wash fundraisers, a student leadership conference, and a mentor workshop. Along with that comes 3 offseason competitions. We are striving to be a championship team this upcoming season.

ALSO!! 2015 RPM Executing Board:
President: Mark Crusoe
Vice President: Ruby Mora
Secretary: Melanie Green
Treasurer: Duane Murphy

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

What a Great Fair...

We had a great time at the Solano Community College fair. Freyja worked for about half the time until a Jaguar died. It was still able to move around at its usual high speed for the first couple hours of the day. Beowulf worked for two seconds and then stopped. At least it had its moment. We were featured in the Daily Republic. Preparation for the Dixon Mayfair is going far. 13 VEX teams are expected to come, so it shouldn't be too hectic. Almost all of the jobs slots are filled, and we are looking forward to a great fair.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Working, Working...and More Working.

We are doing many tasks simultaneously. A couple of the tasks are housekeeping: organizing the shed, organizing the shelves, etc. We are also doing tasks that will benefit us in the next season: making a new battery cart, making a new cannon bot, etc. We're preparing for the Solano Community College Fair this Saturday, where we will have a booth and give demonstrations of our robot. We are also preparing for the Dixon Mayfair on May 10, where we will be hosting a mini VEX robotics competition.

Oh yeah!... can't forget this. We picked our student leadership for the 2014-2015 school year.
So, for next year...

President: Leah Green (senior, electrical)
Vice President: Omena Mushale (junior, electrical)
Engineering Director: Armando Mora (senior, mechanical)
Business Director: Patricia Mendoza (senior, electrical head)
Outreach Director: Edesiri Mushale (sophomore, mechanical)
Secretary: Mackensie Murphy (junior, design head)

New Committee Heads:
Design: Will Asper/Mackensie Murphy (co-heads)
Electrical: Patricia Mendoza
Mechanical: Nick Fisher
Programming: Aaron Singh