Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 35: The Finale...and a Potluck!

Today is our last day of Build Season! It is our Bag and Tag Day that we are celebrating with a humongous potluck with food brought from all of the families of our members. So thank you to all the parents that brought in the food to feed everyone!

We had a big new design idea for our robot that would solve our shooter problem. We decided to build an extending hopper that would essentially "agitate" the fuel balls inside the hopper in order for them to go smoothly into the shooter.

Thanks to the programming committee, who created the code for the extending hopper and made sure everything worked, everyone on the team was able to work on the robot until 9 p.m.

What a great build season! Good job everybody for working during these 6 weeks on our final robot and lets all hope for successful competitions.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 34: Get in Some Drive Time

For our second to last day until the end of build season, we focused on getting our robot ready to drive.

Our mechanical committee spent most of the day continuing to work on practice bot parts, assembling transmissions and such.

Our electrical committee soldered the co-driver station and wired the limit switches.

A few members of our team went over to Armijo to go and practice driving the robot with our established drive team for this season. During our drive test the robot broke and was fixed multiple times, and ended the day needing to be fixed tomorrow.

The gear intake was working really nicely, but unfortunately our shooter was not working as well. Our shooter isn't working because it continuously gets jammed, which is a problem we have to find a solution to by tomorrow. Also, our climbing mechanism failed to work properly, but there was a very easy fix for this that can be completed by tomorrow.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 33: Gear Pickup Success

Our mechanical committee finished installing the ramps inside the hopper. We tapped out gear boxes for practice bot transmissions and finished practice bot climber.

Our programming committee tested out final bot because all of the wiring was finished. We drove the robot for a little bit, and our gear pickup works well!

Our design committee figured out how to cut out plugs for our intake rollers for practice bot.

Our electrical committee wired the banner sensor and gear intake along with cleaning up the rest of the wiring.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 32: Wire It Up

Our electrical committee made sensor cases and wired up the shooter, spike, and signal light.

Our mechanical committee finished welding the practice bot chassis. We lathed spacers for practice bot transmissions and continued to work on the practice bot climber.

Our programming committee tested out the final bot, but encountered some small setbacks when we realized some of the wiring was not finished yet.

Our design committee finished all the CNC work for practice bot.

We also had Armijo Robotics come over to look over their robot with us.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 31: Power Out

Due to the gloomy weather and lots of rain, our team experienced a power out for a few hours today. Nevertheless, we continued to work!

Our mechanical committee cut some long shafts on final bot. We moved on more to practice bot as final bot was transferred over to the electrical committee. We worked on the practice bot shooter intake, climber, and continued to weld the chassis. We also finished the frame for the co-driver box.

Our electrical committee wired power and continue connecting to it.

Our design committee spent the power out hours building the robot cart.

Our programming committee finished all the calculations for the Raspberry Pi. Our scouting crew were still working on fixing the strings, but managed to fix the database.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 30: Bring it to Electrical!

Our goal for today was to immediately give the robot to electrical, once we finished placing the rest of the parts finished on final bot.

Our design committee focused on CNC-ing out pieces for practice bot. We also worked on bumpers, and placed our team numbers on.

Our mechanical committee continued to work on the new gear intake for final bot and placed a stopper for the turret. We mounted air tanks and built lexan ramps for final bot. We cut out a lot of pieces for practice bot, and our welding crew focused on welding the chassis for practice bot.

Our electrical committee have received the final bot and mounted all the mini-electronics boards.
We also connected the CAN and prepared sensors.

Our programming committee worked on setting up testing buttons for the robot. Some students also went over to help Armijo.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 29: The Beginning of the Last Days

Our design committee practically assembled the whole robot, got new intake rollers for the gear and fuel intake, and were modeling the improved gear intake. We also did the limit switches for the turret and CNC'd out parts of the gear intake.

Our electrical committee started doing wobot. We worked on talons and the electrical boards.

Our programming committee updated the firmware on the talons. We also did limiting code. Our scouting crew fixed the string storage and edited the pit scouting reading in the database.

Our awards committee submitted for the entrepreneurship award.

Our mechanical committee spent the time cutting out pieces for the hopper mounts and put together the pneumatics. Some rookies have also taken up in doing the "CAW" (The Inspection Bill of Materials). We also tested out the fuel intake with our hopper and it filled quite a bit!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 28: Bumper Time

Our mechanical committee made cases for the talons and the wobots. We started to mount the talons to the final bot. We also put on a pneumatic manifold. We finished up welding on bumper supports for practice bot. We also mounted the climber and the electronics. We also began to make our bumpers.

Our electrical committee made a talon boars, and are basically making the electrical boards come together.

Our programming committee worked on emergency stop and added the pneumatic code for the gear pickup.

Our design committee worked on bumpers.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 27: On the Final Bot Journey

Our mechanical committee finished the chassis supports for practice bot. For final bot, we finished the bumper mounts, we changed the rails on the shooter, we fixed the ball intake, we fixed the shooter intake, and we built the magazine.

Our design committee designed shooter supports and pneumatic mounts, as well as continuing their work on bumpers. We stretched out the bumper walls.

Our programming committee are working on calibrate and emergency stop, and out scouting crew set up most of the data handling in the model.

Our electrical committee soldered a limit switch for final bot.

We also began to work on getting some shots for our robot reveal video!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 26: Turret Trouble?

Our mechanical committee completely finished transmissions as well as mounted the fuel intake. We took some time to test our turret, and it turned out...well....alright. Our welding crew spent the time welding on mounting supports for the practice bot chassis.

Our electrical committee made the first electrical panel, and wired an encoder for Armijo. Our electrical crew did spend some time dedicated to help out Armijo.

Our programming committee wrote and tested code for the turret to know where it is constantly. We also tested to see if there were any deadspots where our intake couldn't feed the fuel, which we did with the mechanical committee.

Our design committee began their work on bumpers and cut out many practice bots pieces as well as the lifter pieces.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 25: Get It Right on the Target

Our programming committee were working on the CAN system as well as painted the test target. We are writing a PID for the turret and making a version of the code fit for the first Drive Team practice. Our scouting crew were debugging the string storage and adding meaning to the values in the database.

Our mechanical committee were working on the final shooter intake, cutting out shafts for the final bot, and filing final bot to place baring boxes. We added pneumatics to our gear intake to make a "clamping" gear intake. We are also on working on mounting the drive train to the frame.

Our awards committee began to work on the Chairman's Power Point Presentation and brainstormed ideas for the Chairman's video.

Our business director, Tia, began working on the business plan.

Our electrical committee worked on mounting talons on to the lexan boards.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Day 24: Chairman's and Woodie Flowers Time

Today was the due date to submit our Chairman's essay, executive summaries, and Woodie Flowers!

Our mechanical committee tested out the gear intakes, cut out pieces for bumpers, and are currently welding the practice bot. There were also many pieces CNCed out, leaving mechanical to cut many pieces for both final bot and practice bot.

Our electrical committee attached talons to Lexan for the shooter.

Our programming committee were able to get automatic shifting to work properly! We are also working on CAN listener, and our scouting crew changed the data type to string and adapted the database to reach string.

Our design committee printed out many drawings for final and practice bot, which were given to mechanical and electrical. We cut out the side plates for the magazine shooter.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Day 23: Powder Coating

We disassembled our robot and shipped it off to our sponsors at Classic Powder Coating.

Our programming committee made a toggle-able automatic shifter, which we are continuing to fix the code for.

Our awards committee are making more edits as we are preparing to submit Chairman's, Woodie Flowers, and executive summaries. We also created the official t-shirt design for our team this year!

Our design committee helped clean up the frame to be sent off to get powder coated. and began to work on the bumpers.

Our electrical committee made connectors to go from the talons CAN to the Raspberry Pi for vision.

Our mechanical committee put mounts on the shooter intake, worked on the gear intake, and assisted in disassembling the robot to get powder coated.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Day 22: Shooter Intake Time

Our programming committee were able to get the automatic shifter code to work, as well as got the Raspberry Pi to look at the CAN network. We were also able to get a proper nudge to work.

Our awards committee completed more edits for Chairman's and worked all day on Woodie Flowers.

Our design committee continued to work on the climber and made some drawings. We also assembled the gear box.

Our mechanical committee worked on the shooter, inputting angle stock and placing it on the turn table. We also worked on shooter intake!, as well as drive train and putting more work into the gear intake.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Day 21: Climber Time

We all were focused today in trying to get the climber mechanism to work.

Our programming committee made the Raspberry Pi connect to the CAN network and ran the code to help the mechanical and design committee test the climber.

Our mechanical committee continued to work on gear intake from yesterday, and finished assembling it. We built the fuel intake and began work on shooter intake.

Our design committee finished the overall design and worked mostly on the final climber. We CNC'ed out angle stock and shooter pieces, and created rails.

We tested out the climber and we can suffice to say that it officially works!