Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 29: The Beginning of the Last Days

Our design committee practically assembled the whole robot, got new intake rollers for the gear and fuel intake, and were modeling the improved gear intake. We also did the limit switches for the turret and CNC'd out parts of the gear intake.

Our electrical committee started doing wobot. We worked on talons and the electrical boards.

Our programming committee updated the firmware on the talons. We also did limiting code. Our scouting crew fixed the string storage and edited the pit scouting reading in the database.

Our awards committee submitted for the entrepreneurship award.

Our mechanical committee spent the time cutting out pieces for the hopper mounts and put together the pneumatics. Some rookies have also taken up in doing the "CAW" (The Inspection Bill of Materials). We also tested out the fuel intake with our hopper and it filled quite a bit!

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