Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 25: Get It Right on the Target

Our programming committee were working on the CAN system as well as painted the test target. We are writing a PID for the turret and making a version of the code fit for the first Drive Team practice. Our scouting crew were debugging the string storage and adding meaning to the values in the database.

Our mechanical committee were working on the final shooter intake, cutting out shafts for the final bot, and filing final bot to place baring boxes. We added pneumatics to our gear intake to make a "clamping" gear intake. We are also on working on mounting the drive train to the frame.

Our awards committee began to work on the Chairman's Power Point Presentation and brainstormed ideas for the Chairman's video.

Our business director, Tia, began working on the business plan.

Our electrical committee worked on mounting talons on to the lexan boards.

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