Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Day 19: Finishing Mission: Weld the Chassis

Things to be done today:
  • Finish welding the robot!
  • Work on gear intake 
  • Work on climber
  • Design sensor placement
  • Brainstorm electrical layout ideas
  • Start building airship
  • Test the shooter
  • Work on turntable support
  • Design curved intake to turret
  • Prepare to help for the upcoming VEX competition
Our mechanical committee took up many of the jobs design to us. We worked on the supports and cut out Lexan for the gear intake. We cut out the diagonal supports for the chassis, and planned to finish welding the chassis by today. 

Our programming committee merged the code into Master.

Alvin in our design committee fixed the hopper and added a few talons.

Our electrical committee fixed the solders on the motors. 

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