Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 18: 2 Weeks From Today!

2 weeks from today, we aspire to finish our final competition bot!

Our mechanical committee's time was spent mostly working on the shooter and fixing its problems. We changed the shooter's gear ratios and prepped the turret for mounting. Our welding crew also spent time on welding the T-blocks for the bumper mounts.

Our design committee were gifted with another brand new HAAS, and have been working on it when they were not working on designing the root cart.

Our electrical committee worked on soldering sensors, and did so while teaching the rookie electrical committee members more stuff that need to be worked on in electrical, essentially passing off their knowledge.

Our programming committee worked on fixing errors in their code. We finished fixing the SPI interface as well as connected the Raspberry Pi to the CAN system.

We still continue testing our shooter.

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