Saturday, January 07, 2017

Day 1: Full Steam Ahead!

The 2017 FRC challenge surprised us all with a new addition to the game... human players within the field! This exciting new game has us creating new ideas on how to fuel our airship and prepare for takeoff. We began kickoff day at 6 am in our H building, accompanied by FRC Team 2085, the RoboDogs from Vacaville High School, and FRC Team 6474, Armijo Robotics from Armijo High School. Before the game was released, we chose the winner of our pre-season raffle for a new laptop. Congratulations Mr. Salvador! After the game was released and the hype within the teams increased, we split into groups to read sections of the manual. We came together after a sufficient amount of time and discussed the most important rules regarding the game for this year. We then began our ideas of WHAT we wanted our robot to accomplish for this season. We prioritized which elements of the game our team wanted to focus on. After sharing our ideas and a quick break for lunch, we headed over to the Shubin for our "human robot simulation", where members played as robots to give us more ideas and insight as to what we should do for the game. We went back to the room and divided ourselves into small groups to discuss within ourselves what strategies we wanted to use. We then presented those ideas in front of all the members, weighing out the pros and cons of each strategy. After viewing the different strategies brought on by all the members, we chose which one would be the best and which ones we need to focus on to create a prototype for tomorrow.

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