Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 17: Stress Test

After we have begun welding the chassis, we realized in a stress analysis that the chassis would break, requiring our design committee to design more supports.

Our programming committee fixed inconsistencies within the code, and discussed how to write a safety in our code that stops motors from stalling. We figured out how we are going to wire all of our encoders and switchers to the talons. By the end of that day, we paired up with the mechanical committee to test the 3 stage shooter.

Our mechanical committee worked on the camera mount, the shooter ( along with testing it ), and began CNCing out plates and brackets.

Our electrical committee did the encoders for the 775 pros we will be using.

Our design committee cut out the mount for the shooter as well as the brackets to hold the gear on to the Lazy Susan (a big baring). We also added encoders to the design.

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