Monday, January 09, 2017

Day 3: Don't Stop 'Til You Gear Pickup

On Day 3 of our build season, we began our initial meeting by discussing what kind of gear mechanism we would like to use to figure out which would the most effective way to score gears to the peg. We decided on a "passive" way, where we would just place the gear on to the peg, and the "active" way, where we would be able to pickup gears possibly lying on the field or from the loading zone. We also discussed the ULTIMATE AUTO PLAN, one that could gain us a ranking point in auto if conducted correctly. We want to focus on our protobot and hopefully finish by this week in order to quickly test which ideas would work reliably.

Our Chairman's committee have already begun working on our submission.

Our design commitee finished up working on the flywheel design and currently began working on the fly wheel shooter design. The prototype shooter that was on the shopbot yesterday was finished today and sent away to be tested on. Tweaks are being made as we test out which goal would be easier for us to shoot the most fuel into.

Our electrical committee have been putting all the components needed on to the protobot board, and have begun to wire.

Our programming committee has made theoritical commands in preparation for all the prototypes to be finished and tested. They also began to teach some of the new rookie programmers on the team to practice code in preparation for the final robot.

Our mechanical committee has been split up to work on the two different plans for the gear mechanism. The Passive team began the prototype design, as the Active team finsihed their prototype at the end of the day. We've also been texting different wheels for fuel intake, as well as testing the prototype shooter with multiple fuel balls - along with the design committee.

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