Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 5: Rules, Rules, Rules!

On Day 5, all of our team took a Rules test about the Steamworks game to ensure that all of our members are well acquainted with the rules of the game.

Some students went with Mr. Green to Grange Middle School to help set up some of the game fields for the VEX competition they were holding.

We held a meeting to discuss what we should do to build an efficient shooter. We had brought up many questions such as, "Should we create a better hopper design?" and "Are there any alternative shooting methods?" We decided that if the hooded design for our shooter did not work, or not efficient enough, a reverse flywheel would be another possibility.

Our programming committe worked on the shooter intake. Our scouting sub-committee finished creating the data saving module, and Vision began on envisioning the skeleton for the code.

Our design committee worked on the shooter prototype, and went with members from the mechanical commmittee outside to test our shooter and its consistency in getting fuel balls into the boiler.

Our mechanical committee finished the passive gear mechanism. We also bolted on the structure for the intake and motors.

Our electrical committee reconfigured the electrical board for protobot. Additionaally, we demolished Beowulf, and fixed the textboard and practice board.

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