Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 15: Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Our goals for this weekend is just to work and work.

Our design committee redesigned the hopper to fit the chassis frame. We designed shooter mounts and began to cut them out. We managed to finish the cut out for the side, as well as cut out the first shooter plate. We also organized files and put them into a spreadsheet.

Our mechanical committee started welding the final bot chassis. We decided that we would not be riveting most of the chassis because we noticed the frame was beginning to bend. Welding it would be better, and with all the practice from the alumni, we expect that welding would be the best route.

Our programming committee ID'd the talons with the electrical committee for practice bot. We mapped out what sensors are needed to be places on to the robot and driver control. We are also working on making custom controller and updated the firmware.

Our electrical committee got all of the talons shipped in, and started the talons with programming. We also crimped the batteries.

We are getting closer towards the final design, thanks to our design committee working hard. We are expecting parts to just keep being cut out and lots of jobs to begin soon, hopefully all to be done in one week.

Currently, the climber will still be on the same side as the gear pickup. We are also inputting mechanum wheels to center the fuel balls.

Two questions still stand: how will the balls go from the intake to the magazine? and where do we put our electronics board? So far, we were thinking the roboRIO would be placed sideways, PDP opposite of the roboRIO, and talons on shooter or right there by the shooter.

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