Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 9: The Two Roads Ahead

We started the day off with a very lively discussion on what kind of robot we want to build. So far, the two paths lead to the "turret bot" and the "vomit bot". We made a list of pros and cons for each robot design, but decided that we would test out the accuracy of each one to determine which one our whole team would prefer to build.

Our programming committee made buttons for testing. Our scouting sub-committee worked on fixing the dialogue fragments for adding spots to the field diagram, and we organized our vision code to be more reusable.

Our design committee designed and finished the bumpers.

Our mechanical committee worked on building the proto-hopper and the shooter prototype. We are progressing on the "vomit bot", putting a transmission with an encoder so that we can control the speed of the wheel as balls go through, to the point where the balls won't slow down. We also mounted the gear intake to the protobot. We also had an alumni come in and help a few students further understand the art of welding.

We are also working on Chariman's and Woodie Flowers. The Chairman's rough draft is currently being edited, and the rough draft for Woodie Flowers has been finished.

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