Sunday, January 08, 2017

Day 2: You are a Prototype

We kicked off day 2 to answer our questions of HOW we were going to build the robot for this season.

Our design committee immediately started with planning and creating the design for our competition robot. Additionally, the turret has been designed and has begun to be built. The prototype shooter has also been designed and has been cut out on the shop bot.

Our mechanical committee had to completely rebuild our concept bot, which we created during our off season to give us time to build a chassis that could possibly be used to test in the build season. Unfortunately, we had to scrap the concept bot and create a new one, our protobot, that would fit into the dimensions we are planning for our competition robot. Mentors and alumni helped out today in creating the field elements for this years game. We also started to work on our flywheel shooter and the turret. We also began to make progress on our climbing mechanisms which we tested out using weights.

Our electrical committee had to redo the test board they created during our off season hours, similar to what the mechanical committee had to do, in order to prepare for prototyping. We took apart our previous concept board in order to make the prototype board fit the size constraints of the planned competition bot.

Our programming committee downloaded all the firmware needed to get started for this season. We started a chassis program as well as brainstormed ideas on motors and sensors. Our scouting sub-committee downloaded software and cleaned up the project, and started a whole new one to tidy up the code. There's also lots of planning to do with scouting for this new game, with the difficulties arising in how to count the large amount of fuel that will be entering the boiler. There are also students working on the vision system our robot will be using. We cut the reflective tape to size and changed the RGB values to only pick up the reflection of our LED ring.

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