Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 7: Protobot is Almost Completed!

We began Day 7 with a discussion on whether or not we should focus our time on the turret because of the occurences yesterday. Alternative designs were brought up, like a drum shooter or our whole robot being the turret. We decided to keep on prototyping our current turret, and if we do not see progress we will move to other designs.

Our programming committee began the day by uploading the firmware to the CAN talons and imaging the roboRio. We also worked on motion profiling and Vision interfaces. Our scouting sub-committee finished up auto and tele-op tabs.

Our electrical committee soldered the circuit board for vision and soldered motors to prepare for practice bot.

Our mechanical committee started to attach turning table for the turret. We created polycarbonate walls for the elevator to guide the ball. We improved fuel intake with curved plastic to life the fuel balls upward. We also had multiple students putting together versa-planetary.

Our design committee finished the electrical board design. We also completed the fourth revision of the shooter prototype design. We finished the protobot design and have already started working on the final bot design.

Our next steps were to continue the climber prototype, finish the over-the-wheel hooded shooter (rev 4), start the under-the-wheel shooter, and finish the "active" gear pickup prototype.

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