Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 14: Final Bot Commence!

This Wednesday was the "due date" for solving the issues of the climber and magazine design.

Our programming committee is testing PID and motion profiling. We are trying to work on the CAN interface and connect the raspberry pi to the main robot, sending data back and forth. Our scouting sub-committe fixed the bug with the gear spots, worked on the pit scouting problem (it kept crashing), and creating the climbspot object class.

Our awards committee screpped the introductory paragraph for Woodie Flowers, and conjured up a new (and better) one. We printed out copies of the Chairman's essay to send out to Vanden English teachers tomorrow. We also finished the rough draft of executive summaries.

Our design committee determined how we are doing the lettering on the bumpers using a heat transfer technique. We also modeled the magazine, located right on top of the intake area, infront of the turret. We began to design a mechanum intake, and of course, the climber, where we have decided to play on one side of the turret closer to the gear pickup mechanism.

Our mechanical committee cut and lathed shafts for drive train. We cut metal for the outer structure for bumpers, and there was more practice on welding! More specifically learning plug welding and how to weld a filet end.

We ended the working day with an overview of everyone's jobs and what is to come. Mr. Greem pointed out that he is worried about the supports that were designed for the turret. The current magazine design on top of the intake isn't "for sure" and we will have to continue on making an official design for it. The mechanum screw design we worked on today is an interesting idea, but a con for it is that its 12 inches, leaving not enough room for balls. The climber is still a question, but at least there is a starting point.

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