Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 16: Shooter Day

Our mechanical committee manufactured the plates for the shooter and then began to assemble the shooter, all of which are for the final bot. We started to separate out specific parts that are meant for the practice bot or final bot. We completely worked on the shooter parts all day. Our welding crew welded up most of the chassis, and also started welding some of the supports for the bumper mounts.

Our electrical committee spent some time fixing motors to help out the nearby middle school, Golden West. We also spent the day prepping motors for final bot and practice bot, and prepping the talons to continue ID'ing them with the programming committee.

Our programming committee added feedback devices for most of our talons. We also programmed limit switch getters. Our scouting crew finished adding climbspot to tele-op fragment and field diagram.

Our design committee redesigned the hopper because we wanted to maximize our fuel ball capacity. We had to start a new project because our last assembly was broken. We also mounted sensors in the design. Overall, we had a lot of parts cut out today.

Our awards committee are still touching up the Chairman's essay with some editing, as well as Woodie Flowers.

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