Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 12: Prototype Challenge

Day 12 was a full working day.

Our mechanical committee and some of the design committee had parts of the final bot chassis cut out. We progressed with the prototype of our climber mechanism, and we spent the extra time organizing the stages of versa planetarys' with ring gears and labeled ratios. We plan to do the same with the new order of versa planetary parts.

Our electrical committee worked on proto-board for the connection of motors for the turret shooter. We prepared new talons for the final bot, and spent the extra time with cleaning most of the electrical room.

Our design committee progressed on the climber and almost have the final bot chassis fully designed. We are currently deciding where the location of the gear pickup mechanism will be on the final chassis.

Our programming committee figured out how to correctly tune PI loops. We also created the codes to test climbing, and our scouting sub-committee debugged the pit data and worked on storing said data into an SD card.

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