Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 8: "The Doom of the Gods"

The official name for our robot this seasons is, Ragnarök.

We started to work on the 4 things we discussed yesterday.

Our mechnical committee was able to successfully build the active gear pickup, new and improved. We cut metal for the new pit we plan to build. We continued having multiple students make versa-planetary with 775's for the climbing mechanism and the intake. With the extra time we had, we cleaned up most of the mechanical room as well as the sheds. We also found an old driver control board to clean and fix to hopefully use for this season.

The over-the-wheel shooter worked through various issues, and it's biggest feat today was shooting consistently at the same spot. We changed the wheels to 8 inch pneumatic wheels and have two 775 pros geared to the same axel. The next step is to make it more consistent and have encoders on transmission.

Our electrical committee mounted the electrical board on protobot. We also got all the motors connected. We are just waiting for the next job.

Our programming committee worked on the simulation for the robot. We also fixed deploying issues. Our scouting sub-committee is having a very good time with our work. We fixed errors in the tab  and redid one on the tab layouts. We also worked on how to connect the raspberry pi.

Our design committee programmed our practice board. We successfully got the shooter prototype to work. We got the final bot chassis designed. We also did CNC work and CAN files, our next step being to CNC more work to be given to mechanical.

Climber is the biggest focus for next week. Space on the robot is being fought against the electronics and gear intake, so we need to fix that problem. Our goal is for the active intake to work and be mounted on the robot for testing. The question arose on whether or not we could make the balls go faster.We also plan to put pneumatics for the gear mechanism and to design further past the final bot chassis. We will also being having a driver's test soon!

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