Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back At It Again with the High Goal Shots!

Well, these past couple weeks have been extremely busy. Although we had a rough time in Madera, we walked out of the Central Valley Regional with the Judges' Award. Since we were having trouble with aiming with the camera, we focused on breaching and scoring in the low goal. We ranked 6th overall, being the captain of the 4th seeded alliance with teams 2073 and 2761. We lost in the quarterfinals in a 3rd match. After returning home, we got right back to work. We created a photon cannon to help with accuracy in possibly shooting into the high goal. We got some more drive practice in as well. At Sacramento, we had great success with high goal shooting. On our last practice match on Thursday, we scored 7 out of 7 high goal shots. Then, during Friday and Saturday, we struggled through a tough strength of schedule that pitted practically all of the top teams against us. We placed 17th, being the 1st pick of the 5th seeded alliance. We squeezed through quarterfinals but fell in the semis after Loki tipped over in autonomous while attempting to traverse the ramparts. We left Sacramento with the Gracious Professionalism Award (we got that at champs last year) and a FIRST Dean's List Finalist (Edesiri Mushale). We are doing one more drive practice before we fly out to Idaho on Wednesday.

Central Valley Photo Album
Sacramento Photo Album

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Headin' Out

Since build season ended, we have been using Practicebot for drive practice over at Sierra Vista. We have been working on our pit setup, Chairman's video, and team standard. Today we are heading out to Madera for the Central Valley Regional, our first competition of the year.