Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 6: On the Way Up

Lots of things were completed today!

Our mechanical committee started creating the elevator in the beginning of that day and finished before the day ended. We were able to successfully get the elevator working. We also tested the turret, but problems arose because of its inconsistency. Thoughts began to exchange on whether or not we should turn our direction to something else.

Our electrical committee did a demo on pratice bot and spent the extra time on cleaning their workspace. There was also lots of team bonding within the electrical committee to get closer with the new rookies that moved into electrical.

Our Chairman's committee finished their rough draft.

Our design committee continued their work on the shooter prototype. We also designed the intake, elevator, lifter, and bumpers for the protobot.

Our programming committee worked on the ball conveyer and the turret. Our scouting sub-committee started on creating the new user screens for the tablets used during scouting, and Vision continued on the skeleton for the code, and worked it out with placeholders.

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