Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 4: Road to the Shooter

As soon as the bell rang to end the school day, we immediately went to our committees for a meeting to see what jobs we could begin to work on.

Our design committee designed the second revision for the prototype shooter, the third revision of the gear intake, and the base of the turret.

Our programming committee continued on helping the rookies on getting situated. Our scouting sub-committee began to work on creating the data saving structure, and Vision added a filter for the shape on the targeting system and gave it "pretty colors".

Our electrical committee disconnected the roboRIO to add more space for pneumatics. We also wired CAN, organized wire buckets, and began to demo the electrical board on one of our old robots, Beowulf.

Our mechanical committee continued to work on the passive gear intake, as well as the fuel intake. There was also a big discussion on the location of the hopper and elevator protoypes with the design committee. The idea was to have the elevator in the middle of the robot, in order to lead the balls up into the shooter. The issue on location was how much space it would leave for the amount of fuel balls that would fit into the hopper. Our solution was to start off with it in the middle and just to test, test, and test to see where the best position would be for the final robot.

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