Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 30: Bring it to Electrical!

Our goal for today was to immediately give the robot to electrical, once we finished placing the rest of the parts finished on final bot.

Our design committee focused on CNC-ing out pieces for practice bot. We also worked on bumpers, and placed our team numbers on.

Our mechanical committee continued to work on the new gear intake for final bot and placed a stopper for the turret. We mounted air tanks and built lexan ramps for final bot. We cut out a lot of pieces for practice bot, and our welding crew focused on welding the chassis for practice bot.

Our electrical committee have received the final bot and mounted all the mini-electronics boards.
We also connected the CAN and prepared sensors.

Our programming committee worked on setting up testing buttons for the robot. Some students also went over to help Armijo.

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