Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 34: Get in Some Drive Time

For our second to last day until the end of build season, we focused on getting our robot ready to drive.

Our mechanical committee spent most of the day continuing to work on practice bot parts, assembling transmissions and such.

Our electrical committee soldered the co-driver station and wired the limit switches.

A few members of our team went over to Armijo to go and practice driving the robot with our established drive team for this season. During our drive test the robot broke and was fixed multiple times, and ended the day needing to be fixed tomorrow.

The gear intake was working really nicely, but unfortunately our shooter was not working as well. Our shooter isn't working because it continuously gets jammed, which is a problem we have to find a solution to by tomorrow. Also, our climbing mechanism failed to work properly, but there was a very easy fix for this that can be completed by tomorrow.

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