Thursday, May 01, 2014

Working, Working...and More Working.

We are doing many tasks simultaneously. A couple of the tasks are housekeeping: organizing the shed, organizing the shelves, etc. We are also doing tasks that will benefit us in the next season: making a new battery cart, making a new cannon bot, etc. We're preparing for the Solano Community College Fair this Saturday, where we will have a booth and give demonstrations of our robot. We are also preparing for the Dixon Mayfair on May 10, where we will be hosting a mini VEX robotics competition.

Oh yeah!... can't forget this. We picked our student leadership for the 2014-2015 school year.
So, for next year...

President: Leah Green (senior, electrical)
Vice President: Omena Mushale (junior, electrical)
Engineering Director: Armando Mora (senior, mechanical)
Business Director: Patricia Mendoza (senior, electrical head)
Outreach Director: Edesiri Mushale (sophomore, mechanical)
Secretary: Mackensie Murphy (junior, design head)

New Committee Heads:
Design: Will Asper/Mackensie Murphy (co-heads)
Electrical: Patricia Mendoza
Mechanical: Nick Fisher
Programming: Aaron Singh

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