Monday, May 12, 2014

We are going to be PACKED for Summer...

The Dixon Mayfair was great. For the most part, we stayed on schedule. We also met John Garamendi, Congressman for Fairfield. We are looking into if he can come over and see our robots. In class today and in the RPM meeting, we discussed our summer. We are going to have 7 outreach events this summer: 2 summer camps, Relay for Life fundraiser, 2 car wash fundraisers, a student leadership conference, and a mentor workshop. Along with that comes 3 offseason competitions. We are striving to be a championship team this upcoming season.

ALSO!! 2015 RPM Executing Board:
President: Mark Crusoe
Vice President: Ruby Mora
Secretary: Melanie Green
Treasurer: Duane Murphy

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