Monday, December 01, 2014

Back to School!

The China trip was great. The part of our team that journeyed to Shanghai returned full of jetlag but breathless. Many of the RoboVikes want to go back. While there,we taught many Chinese students about VEX robotics. We also played some soccer with the 9-11 year old girls. Along with that, we got to know some of them, as well as sightseeing the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Tiananmen Square, and much more. Some of us are tired of Chinese food, and others...well, they're still alive.
Thanksgiving break has come and gone, and now all of us are back to work on the battery cart, the Chairbot, and the Chairman's essay and video outline. Mr. Green has given us his "Green Game" final, a mock FRC challenge that he makes every year for the 1st semester final. He puts all of us in groups of five to design or make a visual of a robot that can complete the tasks of that game. This year, the game is called Noodle Frenzy. The object of the game is to score big pool noodles into horizontal and vertical troughs. Our "presentation" of our robot is due December 17th, and we were introduced to the game today and put in groups. We have 2 solid weeks to draw this out and possibly design this on Autodesk Inventor.
We still await the RoboRio, so that we can do some testing with it before build season.

China Trip Album

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