Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bringing Home Medals, A Banner, and a Trip to Champs

These past two weeks have been ecstatic for our team. At the Central Valley Regional 2 weeks ago, we ranked 3rd, creating the 2nd seeded alliance with 2102, Team Paradox, and 1662, Raptor Force Engineering. We became regional finalists. Since 1678, the captain team of the winning alliance, already won a regional, we became the wild card team and received a trip to the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis. Now at the Sacramento Regional this weekend, we ranked 5th, being the 2nd pick of the 4th seeded alliance with captain 2085, the RoboDogs, and 568, the Nerds of the North, from Alaska. We became finalists once again. Citrus Circuits won again as the 1st seeded alliance. Our whole alliance is headed to world championships. On top of that, we won the Engineering Inspiration Award. We were shooting for the prestigious Chairman's award, but we will take this any competition.

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