Sunday, January 07, 2018

10th Annual VEX EDR Competition at Vanden

The tenth annual VEX EDR Competition was held December 9th, 2017 at Vanden. The participation and help from a large majority of RoboVikes and parents was phenomenal. As usual the RoboVikes completely ran the event for the some regular attending teams and also some new VEX teams.

This year was a little different from the past because the competition only included high school teams and not junior high. This means that Golden West RoboStangs were not competing therefore they were free to scout for our 8 competing VEX teams. Also that means that the RoboVikes that usually are busy mentoring for Golden West, could now volunteer to help run the competition.

Queing, led by Robbie Rossell, was amazingly speedy and prompt with the schedule. The final matches were quite competitive within the alliances. Despite some lack in gracious professionalism from different teams, the RoboVike referees were fair and amiable. Everything was supervised and organised by Tyus Green.

Thank you RoboVike parents for spending the day working in the concession stand and feeding everyone at the tournament. Your efforts were a huge help and greatly appreciated! Thank you student volunteers again for making this one of the most smoothly run tournaments that we've ever hosted. 

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