Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Aftermath of the Empire

The Inland Empire regional was very rewarding to the team because we learned what problems the robot had early on and learned how to prevent them from happening.  At the end of Friday we had found all of the problems regarding the shooter and intake and found solutions to said problems.  Early on on Saturday the drive team had some good matches giving them more experience and their first real look at driving this game.  At the end of the day we won the Entrepreneurship award and were seeded 9th. On Saturday we continued to play excellently and ended up finishing 5th seed (one of the highest ever for our team at its first regional competition) in qualifications.  We ended up getting into the semifinals before losing to the #2 alliance in Match 3, 123-108. However Quarters Match 1 and Match 2 were very good for us. This competition really helped the scoutmaster understand what arts of our scouting system need to be updated and gave the drive team more confidence in their skills.
After competition.

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