Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Battle of Davis

Davis was not our best competition. Robot-wise, Inland Empire was better. We ran into problems early. One of our Jaguars went down, so we had to disconnect on of our CIMs on the other side to compensate. From that point on, we were on 2 CIMs. At the end of Friday, we were 3-5. The next day, Saturday, on one of the matches Freyja was hit so hard that the weld on the right side of the intake broke. We got through that and ended 5-7 in qualifications, ranked 32nd out of 54. We were picked by the #6 alliance, the Raging C-Biscuits. Somehow, we went right through quarterfinals and made it to semifinals, where we lost to the Robodogs. In Match 2 of the semifinals two of the robots on our alliance, including our robot, were disabled. They ended up being the wild card to go to the World Championships. Leah was a FIRST Dean's List finalist and is on her way to the World Championships. We won no team awards, the first regional without one in a long time. Still, we worked through our robot problems and made it to semifinals!
After competition.
Working on Freyja.

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