Monday, September 22, 2014

Returning from CCC

Capitol City Classic was great. We were 5th overall, 5-4 in qualifications, at the very end, despite resetting CIM motors, not working catapult, and a messed-up intake at one point. For the first time in RoboVikes' history, we respectfully declined an invitation to be on a team's alliance. Since we were in the top 6, we could still pick teams, even though we were not allowed to be picked since we declined an invitation. We won the first match in quarterfinals easily. However, in the second and third matches, Fergie and the robot of 212, another team on our alliance, both stopped working right after autonomous. In both matches, we lost, and didn't advance to the semifinals in the end. We still had great team spirit, and the rookies on our team that attended and worked hard at the competition performed exceptionally well. We had problems with programmming, especially with the autonomous period when the CIM motors resetted when Fergie hit the low goal hard, but we still worked our way up to 5th.
After returning from CCC today at school, we did a reflection on the competition and our next priorities Our next goals are to 1) fix Fergie, especially programming, for CalGames and, 2) work on our entrepreneurship award submission for CalGames.

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