Monday, October 06, 2014


CalGames, at least our results, was similar to that of Capitol City Classic. During the competition, our sidecar burned out. We missed two matches. Despite these setbacks, we ended as the #7 seed. We were picked by the #4 seeded WildHats, Team 100. They were a great alliance partner. We won the first one but lost the second. After the second one, the WildHats' robot's main breaker broke, and a substitute robot was put in. We lost the third match, and in turn did not make it to semifinals. We still had a great time. We fixed our autonomous period, so our robot didn't smash into the low goal when scoring a ball into it and didn't have the CIM motors reset.
Now we have offseason projects to complete. We are considering making a Trebuchet for the Travis Air Force Base Halloween party. We are also making a battery cart, which is our #1 priority. Also on our to-do list is to remake Cannonbot and Chairbot.

Go RoboVikes.

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