Sunday, April 26, 2015


We did the unexpected at the FIRST World Championships this past week. In our past 5 trips to champs, we have never made it to division playoffs or won an award. This season, we made H15TORY! In the Curie Division, we ended in 6th place at the end of qualifications. As the captain of the 5th seeded alliance, we chose 1816, the Green Machine, and 5046, Jacked Up Jackets. We lost in quarterfinals, but we we were all so happy with making it this far. On top of that we won the Gracious Professionalism Award, out of 152 teams (Carver and Curie divisions). At this point, we are ecstatic. We've never won an award at champs, and this week, we made H15TORY. At champs, the Gracious Professionalism Award is practically the 3rd Place Chairman's Award. Though we did not win the Chairman's Award this season, we still feel like champions.

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