Thursday, May 07, 2015

Giving Back to Genentech

Today, we visited the Genentech facility in Vacaville. There, we demonstrated our 2013 robot, Beowulf, and displayed its Frisbee-shooting ability to children of Genentech workers, as it was "Bring Your Children to Work Day." We also set up a VEX field for children to drive the little VEX robots around, mounting skyrises and cubes. Heimdall is still in the middle of the U.S. somewhere, probably in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. We gutted Freyja and Fergie, as well as our 2015 practice bot. The only functional robot we have right now is Beowulf, though that will most likely be "refurbished, as many of its elements (e.g. polycord, "Fruit by the Foot", intake design elements) are almost completely worn out.

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