Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Since the season ended, we've been focusing on completing housekeeping tasks, training rookies, doing student elections, and changing command of committees. We've cleaned out our robot shops and have selected new student leadership. Next year, the committee heads will be trained in leading the committee instead of just taking the role from the previous head.

New Student Leadership:
President: Connor Thrasher
Vice President: Gabby Hansen
Engineering Director: Edesiri Mushale
Secretary: Eirene Ednacot
Business Director: Tia Dayrit
Outreach Director: Devina Velasquez

New RPM Leadership:
President: Mark Crusoe
Vice President: Bernadette Aldrich
Secretary: Adrian Palezi
Treasurer: Duane Murphy
Financial Secretary: Jenny Rosell

We are planning out our events for the summer. We are working on Heimdall and Loki, as well as Practicebot (to put it in full form for one of our offseason competitions). We are also planning our rookie camps and other outreach events and camps we are helping out with.

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