Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chezy Champs

 Chezy Champs was our first off season competition. We tested out a new drive team and our last seasons robot, Loki. We had many struggles such as a malfunctioning drive train that failed to be effective during our matches, causing us to try and quickly fix the robot after every match.
 Despite the problems that continued to occur during the game, our drive team and pit crew stayed strong and positive. We all gained lots of experience, especially in fixing our robot in a quick amount of time.
 The new rookies also gained experience in scouting, preparing their scouting skills for the next build season. There was quite a bit of a problem in our tablets for scouting, but thankfully we managed to fix it in time. Though this was another thing to stress us out, we quickly over came the difficulty and led us to think of improvements to our scouting program.

But Chezy Champs was overall a very fun experience! We received a Judge's award for all the outreach activities we were able to do this year. It brought all our spirits up and increased the pride we have in our team.

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