Monday, October 24, 2016

Capital City Classic

Capital City Classic was another one of our off season competitions. This time we brought along TWO robots to compete, both of them driven by our two drive teams and our two pit crews to practice, gain more experience, and prepare for the new season. There were some occasional problems that arose during the beginning of the matches for both of the robots, similar to the problems we had during Chezy Champs, with our drive train and transmissions. We went back to quickly fixing out robot, which was a success because we were able to fix our problems and go back to playing the games efficiently and skillfully. We began to score more and more boulders, and were able to make it into the quarter finals with both robots. Unfortunately we were knocked out during that round, but that did not stop us from cheering our drivers on.

Overall, our team had a lot of fun, and our excitement grew for the next season!

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