Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Summer to Outreach

  Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of blogging, we're now starting to settle everything down. Over the summer, we've accomplished many outreach programs. Such as some of our students volunteering their time to help clean up Lake Berryessa on June 5th. Not only were they cleaning, but making a difference in our environment to become a better place.
    Some of our students were given the opportunity to help teachers at Camp Athena, a STEM program for students in grades 4-6, where they learn fundamentals and experience the excitement of technology. This amazing two week program from June 16th - 24th, encourages  the youth love engineering, math, and science with many fun projects.
     We've also had a rookie camp day on June 17th, in which we introduced the new students
to more about FRC. A lot of the rookies were from the Golden West Middle School VEX team, so they knew a little bit by themselves! We also hosted a second rookie camp in August to teach them more about the separate committees and try to find their stride.
     Another summer program that we've been doing for the past few years is Migrant Education Camp, where some of the students teach children from migrant families the excitement and opportunity to learn the fundamentals of STEM in a fun environment with robots.
     Oh, and we can't forget about what happened on August 2nd. Our team had the opportunity to demonstrate our robot at Intel for "Bring your Kids to Work Day"! The kids got the chance to drive the robots we have made over the past years and learned about the fundamentals of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math come together to create something amazing.

On August 20th, we also had a blast hanging out while playing paintball with FRC Team 3250, Kennedy Robotics. Our teams bonded so well, we plan on hanging out more together later on in the years.
    Currently some of our students have been mentoring VexIQ at all of our local elementary schools(Center, Foxboro, Cambridge, and Scandia). These kids get to experience a friendly competition within each elementary school and learn how to manage time, encourage gracious professionalism, while competing under pressure.
     We've also had some students volunteer to mentor at Golden West Middle School which they are learning about Vex. They help these kids transition from Lego-like pieces to aluminum metal parts.
    Stay tuned for more. Go Robovikes!

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