Saturday, April 01, 2017

2017 Idaho Regional

What happened in Idaho...

We ranked 3rd!
We were part of the highest match score of the event (425 points), had matches with 4 rotors scored, achieved 2 rotors in auto, and had 5 successful side autos in a row. We had the privilege of being the 2nd seed Alliance Captain with Team 1983, Skunkworks, and Team 5496, RoboKnights. Another good aspect about this regional was that our Scouting system worked perfectly, providing our team with good data for alliance selection.

Some problems that we had encountered during our matches was losing connection between the box and driver station, costing us a match. Additionally, we drove without chain for a few matches, which may have been the cause of the failed autos. There was also an incident where our climber motor unplugged. Despite these problems, our robot did well, earning many points with our gear mechanism and climbing.

Unfortunately we didn't receive any awards, but we were able to be one of the top-ranked teams at the regional!

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