Saturday, April 22, 2017

World Champs in Houston!

Our team's adventure at FIRST World Championship in Houston was an unforgettable learning experience.

Our team competed in the Galileo Division along with our friends, Team 6474 Armijo Robotics, who we helped start this build season.
We were able to go into Quarterfinals, chosen by our alliance members Team 2333, S.C.R.E.E.C.H., and Team 3959, Mech Tech. Unfortunately, Quarterfinals was the end for us, but we were grateful to even be granted the ability to play in Quarterfinals at Worlds. 

Some of the problems that we encountered during Qualification were velcro needing to be replaced, pneumatic tubing, and a difficulty connecting to the controllers. Despite these problems, we were successful with our gear intake, drive system, and climber, which worked consistently as we competed. 

Our scouting worked well during Qualifications as well, and was put to good use as we were able to share our data with our alliance during Playoffs.
Many team members attended the workshops that were held during the competition, and were able to gain a lot of knowledge, whether it be Robotics related (Media, Business Plan) or interest related (Space and Cassini information).

Overall, this was a great experience for our whole team, and our ambitions have grown even more as we strive to go to Worlds again next year.

World Championship Photos:

P.S.: We are currently working on a World Championship video that will be uploaded to our updated YouTube channel.

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