Wednesday, November 01, 2017

2017 Capital City Classics

Capital City Classics was our second and last off-season competition and took place  10/27-10/29. Friday we set up for the weekend and proceeded to replace the radio during field connections and persevere through electrical issues in the pit.

This competition we decided to compete with two robots (701-Ragnorak & 9701-X1) and two separate drive teams. This had its challenges but by Sunday both teams advanced to eliminations and 9701 got all the way to semifinals. ("We were one gear away from finals" -Engineering Director; "You should write that in the blog" -President ;) Additionally, we won the Capital City Judges Award because of our outreach contributions to our school district, Migrant ed, and Camp Athena.

As we said in the previous blog, their were improvements to be made after our last competition, Chezy Champs; Autonomous, scouting, and spirit were definitely some aspects to work on. At this competition, we had a consistent autonomous, especially for 9701, great spirit, and comparable and reliable scouting data done by by veterans and rookies.

Overall this years Capital City Classics was quite successful for off-season and a major improvement from Chezy Champs.

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