Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 9: Plowing Forward

A week into build season. Already. We've got 5 more weeks to go.

We cut out the designated piece of Lexan for the electrical board and outlined where everything should go. We also finished welding a new chassis for the official prototype of our 2015 robot. This weekend went by quickly but we were able to accomplish a lot. The electrical committe finished tuning up the electronics panel on Beowulf. In order to simulate our slide drive, we assembeld a replica using the small VEX robots. The robot drives well and we decided to make a drive course out of the previous VEX game, VEX Skyrise to help train our drivers. On a smaller note our new robotics sweatshirts came in which means we can now look fashoinable while we cut our fingers up. We resized the elevator to fit our design, which caused us to have to resize our hay-squeeze arm mechanism. We are still in the prototyping phase, but as we discover more issues we are able to come closer to our final design. We started and finished cutting our omnidrive system, so we hope to have a working, driveable chassis within the next two days.

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