Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day 1: Kickoff!!

At promptly 7:10 a.m., we raffled off the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for which we have been selling raffle tickets for the past three months. We raised a total of $3,429. The winner is Diana Phillips!!
Many parents and mentors showed up at kickoff, including many Class of '14 alumni from the team. Around 20 alumni showed up, and nearly all of the people that graduated last year returned for kickoff.

When Recycle Rush, this year's FRC challenge, hit us with totes and litter, we were ready for it and split into our discussion groups. Each group took a section of the new game manual and studied every bit of it. We then came back together as a team and discussed it respectively. After that, having learned how the game worked, we started strategizing in our groups.
From there we split into our committees and worked. The mechanical committee worked on a design that we think may be a strong surefire idea, and began prototyping it. The electrical committee worked on gutting out Freyja, our first 2014 robot, so that we can test the RoboRio on that robot. The design committee designed field elements for the challenge. The programming committee discussed about what autonomous strategy they would program.

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