Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 38: Train Wreck!

Today, we got drive going. While a few people stayed behind at the shop to work on Loki and weld, a group of us went over to Sierra Vista Elementary School to practice driving with Practicebot. This robot was flying today. We were in high gear much of the time, and as a result of going so fast over the defenses, Practicebot hit some nice airs. Even the intake arms were raising themselves up. And the robot stayed intact...mostly. On the not so bright side, we damaged almost all of our wooden defenses...LITERALLY. A couple had cracks on the seams and in other places. A sprocket tooth got sheared when driving over one of the defenses, and the 3D printed skids on the bottom of the shooter wore out easily. But we got some good drive time with the Practicebot, and shooting went pretty well.

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