Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 2: stop talking. start working

Each individual committee discussed both immediate and long term plans for build-season. Committee
heads met to discuss strategy concerning the work to be done today.

Design first worked to quickly CAD up each prototype so that mechanical could get building and


While mechanical awaited Design to finish quick layouts of prototypes, they split up the work force of

team members into smaller teams. Then they were assigned parts of prototypes to work on. These
included vertical and horizontal intakes, the catapult, and different versions of flywheels.


Programming worked together to download all the firmware and programs they will need to get started for this season. They worked on simple programs to test run the prototypes. Then they split up to the different mechanical teams to test the beginnings of their prototypes.

Meanwhile the alumni and RoboVikes,that didn't have a specified job to do, worked on assembling the field components for this years game. By the end of Day 2 they had successfully built one platform, the central zone assigned to each alliance where climbing and the scale take place.

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