Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 3: intakes... intakes... more intakes

The main goal of day 3 is to test run the beginnings of all the prototypes. This will
help us ensure efficiency among specific prototypes so we know which is best.
Because of these test runs, we were able to firmly decide to discontinue work on
the flywheels because it was quickly noticed the difficulty of in-taking with that
particular design.
This shooter relies on the cube being aligned perfectly, and it is prone to jam.
Because of this obstacle, we took up another prototype that we had been discussing,
a linear puncher. With a very quick mock-up one, we quickly noticed that it does
not take that much force to project the cube.

The catapult is currently made out of 1/8 lexan sheet and laser cut wood. Today it
made more progress, as that prototyping team was able to get it to shoot farther,
so it just needs to launch higher now.

The pit plumbed the sterilite tote shelf assembly to ensure strong structure. They
then riveted at the plumb. The field building alumni worked hard to build the the
switch component of the field.

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