Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 8: prototypes civil war

The puncher prototyping team flipped the sprocket in order to ensure sizing was correct. Then they
worked to add more torque to the motor instead of tubing. This ensured the mechanism wouldgo back
further. There is currently a 10:1 ratio on the transmission and it was having problems so they changed
the positioning to lower unwanted tension.

The people working on the catapult rebuilt it in metal and with better pneumatics. They changed the amount of solonoids from 2 to 4. At the scrum near the end of the workday it was stated that the catapult had officially been through 16 iterations of design in 1 week of build season.
Because of the change in solenoids programming had to do some modifications to their program.

Finally today the shooting prototypes were analyzed against each other. They both were presented to the whole team and a pros and cons list was made for both. The prototype teams presented their work in front of  the rest of the team. A debate went on with some input from outside but mostly just from inside those prototype teams. In the end we knew we had to all acknowledge that we are all on Team 701 an as 1 unified team we need to fairly decide which design was best. We went about this by judging efficiency, comparability with other robot systems (intake and ramps), and the simplicity of the designs themselves. By the end of the debate, both designs were scored fairly equally but it was decide that the puncher would be more compatible with both the ramps and the intake. Then a vote was held and sure enough the puncher was decided for Team 701s shooter of 2018 2018 FRC Power Up Game.

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